noun: luminary; plural noun: luminaries

1. a person who inspires or influences others, especially one prominent in a particular sphere.

Companies need more than just videos. They need visual storytellers with a gift for the avant garde. A team of artists with an eye that explores every angle. A group of minds that brainstorm the impossible. We are a video production company by definition, but a collective of visual dreamers by design.

With a seemingly endless amount of all night video edits, early morning video shoots, and worn out production clothes under our belts, our team has worked in a vast array of categories under the video production umbrella — from commercials to documentaries, to films and TV shows. With our multifaceted abilities, half a century of combined experience, and an innovative eye for storytelling, we have helped a diverse scope of clients —from large brands to small businesses— exceed their video production needs.



The Team


Meet our team of Visual Storytellers

Andy Rance

President & Founder

Film connoisseur, history buff, photography enthusiast, and Kubrick fanatic. He loves writing down ideas, but has an aversion to all the papers that pile up. When he’s not conducting our team, you can find him at a local bookstore, coffee in hand, exploring the world in the pages of a book.

Alonso Aliaguilla

Creative Director & Founder

Musical maestro, motion picture aficionado, professional multi-tasker, and techy with a capital “T.” He’s a man of many gifts, but particularly proud of his dress sock collection. When he’s not dropping a beat and wooing us with his musical chops, he’s charming us with his gusto for life.

Ximena Aliaguilla

Post Production Supervisor

Screenwriter, film studies post-grad, tv blogger, and all around mover and shaker. A Miami native gone Brooklyn, she is back in the 305 and loves involving herself in all the city has to offer. When she’s not writing or editing a project, she’s probably stuck on the Palmetto nerding out to NPR.


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